Fiscal delights

Fiscal delights

Charlie is still busking.  When he wants money for something he just decides what he needs and goes to get it!  No mucking around.

He can spend a lot of time counting, categorising and playing with the money he has made (he does read a lot of Donald Dick comics though and is inspired by Scrooge….)  Saying that, he has  heart of gold.  With Hannah’s 14th birthday approaching he knew exactly what he wanted to get her and even wanted to use his own money.  He  spent ages making a very thoughtful card, with pictures of things she likes all over it.

Hours of fun…counting money

Charlie lives numbers and likes to  quantify everything.   Even feelings.  He talks in percentages and fractions and time.

Recently while at the supermarket he added up the whole shop while we were going around, not rounding up or down but exactly!

Late one night Wayne gave him a maths problem he had done at school with his 12 year olds that day.  Charlie loved it!  His eyes lit up  and kept asking for more and more until his eyes and ours were out on stalks and he fell asleep on the notebook he was working in.


On Saturday night he is playing ukulele and singing solo in front of a big crowd at a community family fun night. We are also playing in our bands and Charlie is doing a filler act between the main bands.  He is so confident!

Maths and music so often go hand in hand and he certainly proves this theory.


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