Being sociable


We still get asked THAT question!  The socialisation question……
The bane of every homeschoolers life!

I have just moved on so much from having to answer this.

We are very lucky in our life, we have community.

We have our local community who are right here on our doorstep . The absolute joy of this is geography.  They may eat different foods to us, have different beliefs, send their children to school, but we have our community in common,  our history together, our shared vision for our village. We see each other on the street, in the library, at the park.  People call in constantly and I know the kids are safe when out and about as you always see someone you know.  We are immersed in our community through  many channels and involvement in various groups which so enriches our lives.

Then we have out unschooling community which is geographically spread out but so united in our shared vision of how we bring our children up and live our lives and this is a total blessing.  It is always such a treat to get together it really fills up my cup to be around such  people who inspire me so much to live in a way that truly resonates in my heart.

Unschooling friends have moved right around the corner between us and best friends who unschool which makes three families now within a few minutes walk of each other.   Enough for a game  of rounders on a sunny afternoon….

After a great many games of rounders, the kids started playing all sorts of games – tag on the playground and then this jousting! Three horses with smaller riders fighting it out.

I love it how Ollie has such a great relationship with the younger kids we are friends with, they all love him and he is great at including them.

It was certainly a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon. We had 7 families altogether and it was hot, sunny  and yes…..very sociable!


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