Un-learning – may the force be with you…..


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Thanks to the friend who sent me this thinking I could use it!
I am quite up on Jedi attributes having two Star Wars fans in the house.  In fact the other night, while trying to read in bed Charlie kept quizzing me from a book he was reading which was all about the Jedi order and heaps of questions to help you decide if you are more suited to the dark side or life as a Jedi master.  Even though I was slightly frustrated at being interrupted I was still glad that my answers always showed me to be poor Sith material and a good guy every time…Whew!

But this also reminds me that when we started to homeschool, after the older two had been at school for 2 years, I was told that they would need to “de-school” (honestly the jargin these days!). By this, it was exactly like Jedi training without the light sabers, well,  actually there has always been light sabers too…

That is, re train yourself to be independent.
To finish activities in your own time, do what you want to do when you want to do them.
Seize the day, seize the moment, your mum, your light saber, lighten up, chill out, pick more daisies and yes then make them into a potion if you want to, add baking soda?  Sure.  Vinegar? yep…..

I imagine there is a whole a lot of un-learning that has to occur post school too, When children arrive in the big wide world – the real world where no bell or timetable tells you what to do.
I see what we are doing , by unschooling, as giving our children the heads up, a good start to life.
It seems to be working so far, the dovetailing into ‘grown up’ stuff like working for money, buying your own clothes, getting on with people from all walks of life, all ages, all cultures all abilities, cooking, shopping, asking for what you need, knowing who you are, what your strengths are, why you are here….
(Copyright – the unschooling curriculum)

As adults we have so much to un-learn.  To re-learn too.
Which makes for an exciting time full of  surprises and of new ideas to assimilate and keep us well occupied as active life long learners.

I guess the less  time our children have to spend trying to un-learn or re-learn later in life, then the more time they have for other, perhaps more poignant things which is  a very exciting prospect indeed.


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