It is official.
All my kids are there.
They can all swing, ride a bike, dress themselves, swim, read and now go out alone and independent.
While making a cake last week (to take to the aforementioned Folk Festival) I told Charlie we didn’t have any icing sugar, so he said he was more than happy to go down to the local shop (dairy) to get some.  Alone.
I know kids let you know when they are ready to do a new thing and Charlie is ultra confident.  The shop is only down the road, a 2  minute walk.  It wasn’t that I was worried about him getting into strife.  He is a level headed problem solver.
It was more the fact that this was it.
The beginning of the end.
My last , my youngest hopping out of the nest, flexing his wings.
I know it was only a tiny trip, a mere hop, but to me it signified so much more.
Of course I am happy and excited as my kids stretch their wings, grow up, I am so into independence and love the change each new stage brings.  But there was a tinge of sadness as this, possibly  the lovely cuddle of a friend’s 2 day old baby didn’t help either….

“Apples and kingdoms ripen and fall and nothing matters nothing at all.”

My little kingdom is ripening….and it  is truly sweetened by its loyal and true subjects not to mention a huge and well iced chocolate cake!


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  1. Chocolate cake! Did I hear chocolate cake? You are right, there is not much that matters besides cake…. but seriously… go Charlie. I know what you mean about letting our children fly as well as showing we care for them without passing on our fears in a way that hinders them. Also, Charlie loves playing shops and doing accounting right? So going to the real shops on his own errand would be a very attractive proposition.

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