Welly Fest 2012


It has become a much loved family tradition that our Labour weekend is spent camping in Wellington,(http://www.brookfield.org.nz/) at the wonderful Wellington Folk Festival!  Lovingly called the WellyFest…..


There are so many wonderful things about this festival….The setting is gorgeous with mainly bushy, treed places to camp, wander in, or sit around a fire in….

These folk further beautified their site by “planting” dozens and dozens of very real looking plastic daffodils!

Hanging out with lots of lovely friends is one of the big highlights, sitting around the fire playing music with each other……

Sorry about the music stand Di! Still some lovely Celtic tunes to accompany our breakfast…..

The kids all love the place and seem to find a balance between music and other activities…..

There is a gorgeous lake with two large rafts, jetty, island, rope swings….need I say more!! I think this is where the boys spent the majority of their time during the day.

When I visited the kids on the raft they told me firmly “No adults!” It is really special that they have a kids only time and they certainly had some amazing games going on! That they are old enough to be independent now creates so much freedom for me!

Hannah attended the children’s workshop and then performed with the group at the kid’s concert. She played her mandolin for this.

And Charlie also performed in the kids’ concert,- solo!

Ollie has always loved the Saturday night Ceildh. He danced every dance just like me! Here we both are about to dance our hearts out!

A rare family shot after a busy night dancing at the Ceildh in the big marquee

Our little camping area. There is always such a lovely safe, family feel. Where new friends are made, folk drift between tents, children are off playing together, meals are big and communal…..A wonderful way to live, even if only for a long weekend.  Hannah is with Billie, who turned 4 during the weekend!

Here is her cake cutting and singing time! Talk about instant party! And never has “Happy Birthday” been sung with such gusto, harmonies and volume!

A few of the crew on our little patch.

The final night  is a huge show of the top 6 acts all in one big concert. The kids just love it as there is usually some great comedy aspect not to mention inspiring and wonderful live music. Charlie spent the whole concert up the front and here he is is weaving out of the mosh pit in a snake, dancing away to the final band – “The Wheeze and Suck Band”.

The last day jam session as we pack up in the sunshine.

Have to put a shot of Hannah packing up our gorgeous canvas dome tent. Also good for medieval photo shoots….

Meals are big, communal, yummy and always accompanied by live music!

I so love taking the kids to the Welly fest.  It is something we all enjoy as a family.  As someone who loves change and new adventures I am surprised how much I have enjoyed creating a tradition out of this for our family.  Every year is different, and also the same in many ways.
Hannah is already looking ahead to coming with her own friends and camping separately.  There are many young folk there who are wonderful musicians and it is such a great atmosphere to hang out in.

Thanks to such great friends and for the gift of music that inspires us to feel something  new….


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