coffee and kayaking


We have been away on an  adventure to the far north of our beautiful country.

First stop was to meet Lucy’s family (Lucy is Dane’s partner, our eldest).Lily and Ron own a gorgeous, luxury Bed and Breakfast in Taurikura bay, that is out at Whangarei Heads.  Lily is also principal and the most gorgeous little school there, tucked under Mount Manaia.

Check out “Shores”

They were such amazing hosts, and now part of our extended family, we had a wonderful time.  Gorgeous walks, beautiful beaches, kayaking, the regulation ukulele playing and heaps of yummy food.

For Charlie the absolute highlight was the coffee machine!  His eyes lit up and after a couple of lessons, he was never far from it, and amazingly had plenty of orders to keep him busy and totally happy.  He was a whizz.  He set up a shop and had prices for each type of coffee, tea, hot chocolate etc.  He  kept a running total for each of us – 8 thirsty customers and was in his element.  It was so lovely of Lilly and Ron to be so accepting and supportive of an 8 year old having free reign of the kitchen and letting him take over.  What a fantastic experience for Charlie.

Charlie as Barista and loving it!

Lucy with one of Charlie’s super-dooper creations!
This one had marshmellows and chocolate chips on the top I think…..

We had a gorgeous walk over to Smugglers Bay, via some old gun placements at the harbour entrance.

Up at the Bream Head Battery, right at the entrance to Whangarei Harbour. The old bunkers and gun placements left over from WWll were fascinating and well placed at the start of a gorgeous walk over the hill to Smugglers bay!

Beautifully restored, handpainted signal flags used in WWll inside the lookout bunker.

Running down the big sand dunes at Ocean Beach, just a 5 minute drive away

Bit of a sing along with Lily and Ron, Charlie and me on ukulele.


Kayaking on the bay – real mix of rural, beachy and ultra dramatic with the towering Mount Manaia – which unbelievable I didn’t even photograph…

Having Lucy in our family and meeting her wonderful family (most of them) just confirms my belief that the world is full of amazing people  just waiting to to meet you!




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