Seeing double?


We are away on holiday!  Yay!  It is so good to get together with the whole family.  Especially our two gorgeous girls!  Hannah is looking more and more like Kim.

Almost twins, 13 years apart.

We had some time together then Hannah got to spend some time with  Kim and Dane in Hamilton, while we have been away right up north camping…..Plenty more on that soon, now we are back with internet coverage and electricity….

Kim’s partner is a co-owner and she is managing  the amazing Chim Choo Ree in Hamilton.  Check it out….

They are both so talented and so passionate about what they do.  Their hard work has paid off though and they so deserve all the accolades piled on them and the restaurant.  They have been a Cuisine NZ restaurant of the year finalist too.

Kim and the other 3 kids behind the bar at Chim.
Charlie was in heaven as he has a big “service” gene in him and his dream is to run a cafe… Kim is a top Barista so had plenty of advice to pass on to him!

It is so enriching having older siblings, Hannah had a fabulous time alone with them and said she could go back up and work with Kim next year!  Maybe Charlie would be keen too…

That was the first of many stops and now we are back in civilisation, well in Auckland, I will be able to  share a few stories of our adventures….Watch this space.


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