How unschooling works


I heard a very experienced homeschooler tell this story recently and it captivated me as  the perfect example of how unschooling works.  Where knowledge is acquired on a need-to-know basis.

Her daughter started a new job.  She was 32 years old.  Within the first hour she realised she would be needing to know how to work with fractions and percentages.  She didn’t have this knowledge.  So she rang her dad and asked him to talk her through it.  The conversations (and the learning) took 2 minutes.

This shows many things.

1.  When you are ready you will learn quickly

2.  When it is relevant you will learn quickly

3.  You do not need to spend 13 years at school to learn the most needed /used maths   concepts

4.  Learning never ends

It really is that simple.

Our children do this naturally.  They want to know something, they ask.
And let’s throw out the idea that by 18 years old a person should know everything.  Or that at 18yrs old you embark on a lifelong career.

People being  life long learners – that is what I am striving for!


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