Hot pool tramp


I have just had the most wonderful weekend away.  Another top-me-up.

It was a friend’s 40th birthday and she invited 3 of us to celebrate with her in style.  We headed into the hills,  and not just any hills, those with hot springs…mmmmmm

Krista, Rachel, Me and Tracy just lovin’ our weekend away!

We went up the mighty Mohaka river, camped Friday night by the road end, where there are some hot pools so we had a lovely soak in the  dark and again first thing in the morning.  Such a luxury.  The walk wasn’t too hard just 3 hours.

Walking with women friends is so great, so much to talk about!  Non stop, stimulating, “real” conversation- for me that is food for the soul!

Mixed with the  beautiful weather, a good leg stretch, great food for the body and the thermal dips it was a near perfect weekend….

The track follows the river, sometimes right next to it, sometimes high above with stunning views….

The Mangatainoka Hot Springs

We all had our party dresses for Saturday night! The air was freezing so we only wore them for a few minutes before our pre-dinner hot dip

The river beach by our campsite was gorgeous, almost white sand, tropical looking. The others all had cold dips then ran back to the hot pool. (not me!)

The hot thermal water tumbles over the rocks and is collected in a piece of guttering which can be moved to the side if the pools get too hot. The rocks surrounding it are filled with faces carved from bits of pumice……

We all marveled at the ease with which we can get away (thanks to the marvellous menfolk at home), the freedom to get in the car and head away.  We all felt so grateful that such beauty is just on our doorstep, that the hot pools are free, accessible to all.  That we had such yummy food…

Thank you!

The sun burns through the morning fog on the hills by our campsite


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  1. Hiya, just wondering how far your campsite/ “river beach” was from the hot springs and if you used the paid camp facilities or if you just camped wherever?

    Cheers, Jess.

    • Hi Jess,
      The campsite is right by the pools. It is free. If you stay in the hut you need to use back country hut passes, then it is about a 30 minute walk up to the pools and camping. There is a toilet, lovely little camp spots under the trees by the river and the pools.
      Plus at the very beginning of the walk there are hot pools near the carpark.
      Have a great trip!

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