yummy things we are eating at the moment


I am always interested in what others eat and love  getting new ideas.  I have friends who eat raw and inspire me to eat alot of raw in my diet, but when it is cold I do like warm food.

During winter for breakfast I eat millet and quinoa (as a porridge).  Usually a mix of both, they take about 10 mins to cook.  Then I add a mix of the following, depending what is on hand…apple, tamarillo, raisins, figs, ginger, LSA (linseed, almond, sunflower all ground up) and Chia seeds!  Yummy!  When the weather warms up I usually move to smoothies, just have to make lots as everyone loves smoothies!  Then that is usually just fruit, LSA, rice milk, maybe spirulina.

Other raw things we all love….raw “ice cream” this is made from frozen bananas blended up.  You can add anything to them, other fruit – frozen, dry or fresh, vanilla, chocolate/carob, honey.  It looks just like ice-cream and tastes delicious, we even ate it in some ice cream cones I found.  Last week I blended up bananas and mango and we ate it with a spoon like a mousse.

I love little snacks like  nut butters (almond)  spread on slices of raw carrot or apple or banana or on dried apricots.  Cashew nuts blend up to make a creamy mixture, as does cauliflower which can then be used as a dip or spread.
I am making raw hummus at the moment – you sprout the chickpeas instead of cooking them. Anything sprouted is better for you.

We often eat toasted sunflower seeds mixed with (organic) raisins, this is totally simple and totally delicious, the kids wolf them down.

Check out Dayna Martin’s raw food blog


In the summer we hardly ever cook veges.  The kids eat carrot, tomato and cucumber at every meal and then raw cauliflower and broccoli to dip into hummus.

I love  making up different salads, adding things that they love – some orange or cashew nuts.

I am a big advocate for eating what is in season, I am sure food arrives on the trees just when it is needed.

Although I am not adverse to making and then helping to eat a banana cake, or apple cake  there are plenty of healthier options – that are just as yummy!

Of course being happy is most important!
I think that enjoying food and only eating when happy and relaxed is just as important as eating health giving foods.
So when eating cakes or chocolate I only do it with complete joy!


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