Ukulele Festival Fun!

Ukulele Festival Fun!

The grand ukulele salute!



   Here is what we did last Saturday!


We had a big day out at a School Ukulele Festival – open to the public too.

We had a homeschool group of 18 entered into this and have been practising for weeks.  It has been so much fun and to have this event to work towards was super rewarding.  The kids have all been amazing and have really enjoyed playing together.

Jennifer who organised it is very inspiring.  Check out what else she does around town…

It was very cool when she got the Mayor to play a song (with hundreds of kids!) and very good he was too!!

I loved having all three of my kids there.

Hannah, Charlie & Ollie

There is me and friend Lachlan in the crowd

Wayne was there with his school ukulele group and another friend with hers, so it was a very sociable day.

It is always funny going to a school thing with an group  of   (mostly) unschoolers!
All those straight lines!
All those instructions!
And the lollipops for when they are “good” !

See what I mean about the lines!!?






We took part in workshops, listened to two very awesome Ukulele groups performing &  took part in a mass play along, There was face painting, competitions, stalls of uke related goods.        A very fun day had by all.




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  1. wow! great experience for everyone! Dunedin schools had 800 children at their get-together, so had to have it in 2 sections……Uke is still on my list but no group here in Alex, so I don’t see myself playing alone.(don’t sing either!!)

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