Tank top up


I am not sure whether I do actually like the metaphor of  “topping up your tank.”
Although I love to do the things that top me up.

I guess I am aiming to be living a lifestyle that means my tank is constantly filled.
One that combines enough purpose to get you out of bed in the morning ( but not so much the stress will kill you) with a healthy respect for my emotional, spiritual  and physical well-being.
In the meantime I am a full time unschooling Mum of three, taxi, chief cook and bottle washer, music teacher, partner, daughter, sister, friend, gardener, have a ukulele  group under my wing, a folk band to play in…..you get the picture!

So until I achieve the perfect and well balanced life my tank does run low at times, like most parents I am sure.

In the last 3 days however I have had many supreme magical moments which have renewed and revived me.  For these I am truly grateful, especially to Wayne who helped make them happen.

On Thursday night Wayne’s band was playing in a pub competition in town.  He had said he would really like me to go.  It was definitely an option as Hannah and her (15 yr old) friend Eliza were here.   When it came to it I just couldn’t handle being around other people or the noise.  So I went into town with Wayne, dropped him off and went to a movie alone.  Luxury!

Friday  night was not only the last day of winter and full moon, but a lovely shared dinner with our homeschool group.  Hanging out with fellow parents on the same journey is always uplifting and I had a great time, but there was something in me itching to get out, get away, be alone….

As I got home I thought how late it was getting and that having an outdoor bath was  almost too much to organise… by the time I had unpacked, sorted  out the children  ( I had 2 extras), filled the bath, lit the fire….
But a flickering light caught my eye as I came up the drive and there was Wayne, (an angel surely!)  the bath filling,  fire was lit… What a gift!   Charlie needed me for a  while and it got later and later, while I practiced patience I was aware that my bath was getting hotter and hotter…. finally everyone was happy I dashed outside to the most perfect evening.  Full moon.  Hot, hot bath which stayed hot for almost an hour!  Such a wonderful relaxing treat.

But wait there is more…..!   Saturday was a great day out, but long and tiring.  As we left the wonderful Ukulele festival (see post) I managed to be alone, while Wayne took all the kids.  I was out at the beach (30 min drive) and walking before I had stopped humming the last ukulele song!

I walked and walked.
I sat and watched the sunset.
I wandered back to the car and as I turned toward home, there was a huge, golden red moon rising!  It was just so incredible and really topped off the night as it watched over me all the way home.

Talk about tank top up!!

Thanks Wayne.


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