A Magical curriculum


While we were travelling around, when Hannah was 6 and Hannah was Hermione (from Harry Potter) she decided she could go to Junior Hogwarts, as she just couldn’t wait until she was 11.  So we bought scrapbooks and exercise books and covered them in  gold and silver paper.
We did all the normal Hogwarts subjects, although I had alot of help from my prize student.  I have a fair knowledge of HP, as I always read each Harry Potter book the day after they came out.  We would always queue for the new book and Hannah would read non-stop for 4-6 hours and finish it…… then let me at it!

Still I didn’t have Hannah’s amazing knowledge of the magical world.  She used to quote bits and remember which chapter of which book a certain sentence was in.  And when I was reading aloud to the boys and may occasionally have missed out an adjective, we would hear her voice from another room saying – “Blue dress, Mum”   or  ” glanced suspiciously“….

So we did History of Magic where she wrote huge essays about the Troll Wars.   Herbology where she  picked and identified plants,  we practiced our wand movements in Transfiguration,   mixed up  Potions,  worked on Charms…..

By age 8 Hannah had progressed to Hogwarts Middle School.  She had a huge old banana box as her potions kit, filled with bottles and packets of  every substance you could imagine…..  She drew magical creatures and wrote about their qualities and did more and more complicated spells found in the later books….

On her 11th birthday she received her Hogwarts letter, written in green ink, delivered by owl.

That year, with two best friends (unschooled too) they founded St Hedwigs Collegiate for Girls.  They shopped in op shops to create a uniform – lovely blue vest, white blouse, black skirt with a tie.

They wrote a school song, three very different histories of the school and every week – with the support of their three professors they attended magic school and studied a range of subjects.
Some looked suspiciously like “Muggle” subjects  sewing, maths….

Maths lesson!

When they were here we reverted to the more traditional subjects of potions, transfiguration, history of Magic and music!

Painting the clay owls the girls made.
-With St. Hedwig herself being the founder of the school, the Owl was its symbol and mascot











It has been amazing t0 see how long Harry Potter has endured in our family, it feels as though he has always been a part of our family.

J K Rowling has certainly given us a great gift –  a fertile breeding ground for the  imagination.

Here is Professor Trelawney and Luna
off to the the midnight premier of the
last of the  HP movies…..





I know many will have a good laugh about unschoolers playing schools.

We did!


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