Big brother for a change


We had some lovely friends come and stay last night, with their 17month old daughter.
I was at Kayla’s birth last March.  It was such an honour and the most amazing experience.
I was so grateful to be there and feel a special connection to her and not just because her mum is such a special friend.
I ended up sleeping  cuddled up with her  on her very first night in the world, which still blows me away thinking about it!  Very special.

Charlie reading to Kayla

What was so lovely to see last night and this morning was Charlie (my baby!) being the older, responsible one.
Kayla loved hanging out with him.  She is a very clear communicator and Charlie quickly worked out what she was saying and signing and they played with teddies together and he read her books.
She was very comfortable with him and what a treat for him to have a little one ask to be picked up by you!

I got my fair share of cuddles too…

Charlie has often asked if he could have a little brother or sister and I could see how wonderful he would be with them.    And funny too seeing him looking so old and grown up, carrying her around, helping her.   What a lovely time!

All the teddies lined up- a shared love!

In bed last night he kept saying when are they coming back to stay?
Can they come for longer?
He just had the best time.
Hanging out with special friends is one of life’s great joys.


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