You can’t do this at school!


It is great having a school-going friend staying with us!

Billy was lazing on the grass by the river yesterday, in the sun, eating potatoes he had cooked in the  fire we had built.  He sat back and said   “Well you can’t do this at school – have a fire – no, use a pocket knife – no,  have a long lunch – no.”
Even though we know how wonderful our life as unschoolers is,  how nice to be reminded sometimes by the less fortunate among us, whoops, I mean those going to school!

With the rapidly approaching spring enticing us out to play, we had gone for a pre-sunset walk the evening before and ended up, as usual, with Ollie lighting a fire by the river.  There  was a gorgeous little bank that he dug into as a shelter and he only used natural tinder and his flint.   There was a spectacular rainbow arcing over the hills and windmills and then the sun setting behind us – truly magical   (sorry I didn’t have my camera).

So we decided then and there to return the next day with lunch to cook on a fire in the same place.   As we wandered home in the twilight  the  boys had plans for a lookout &  modifications to the fire…. I had plans for a camera, book and nice lunch!

The next day they made up tin foil packages with potatoes, carrots, butter, salt and pepper in and we took apples, banana cake &  nuts to snack on.   It was just the most gorgeous day, warm sunny, still winter, but with buds appearing on trees at every turn.

The fire tucked under the bank, with a great view!

Ollie with his package of cooked lunch –
eating off his new Becker Necker knife













Ollie got the fire going quickly while we explored and managed to cross the river to collect more wood.  The day before we had seen a dead cow across the river but it had disappeared overnight, we couldn’t work out how though…
The spuds cooked up  beautifully – practice does make perfect!  We sat in the sun and felt extremely grateful to be there doing that.

Billy using his whittled “fork” to eat his hot potatoes
– you can’t do that at school!

Perfect lunch spot!
I had a billy of peppermint tea so I was happy.














It was one of those days where all is right with the world…sigh!
When you know that you are doing the right thing for your children (and someone else’s children!) and spending your day in  a way that induces plenty of happiness   (aka The Meaning of Life).
Not to mention those valuable life/survival skills.

I am so grateful that we can be down at the river and adjoining bush in 5 mins (walking).  We have so much freedom, in our lives and in our country.     Thank you!

Ollie whittling a fork


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  1. Oh dear, I really am going to have a struggle to get that boy back to school after the holidays! Looks like you guys are having a great time, almost making me home sick. Almost….
    Thanks again, Jane, for taking care of Billy for us. We can relax knowing he’s well, safe and happy.

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