Extra children, extra blessings


I had a real reminder the other night to always look for the blessings and the lessons in everything.

A friend had asked me to look after her two girls one evening.  I agreed as I wanted to help her  out.  But inside me was a niggley little voice reminding me that it was one of my only two quiet evenings in the week when the boys are all out for a while and peace reigns.  It is  when I get to write this, read a book, do something alone just for me.  I started feeling resentful, my kids said I should have just said I couldn’t do it.
When they arrived I wasn’t very friendly and said I had things to do on the computer and they were fine just chilling out by the fire.

I was writing the previous blog , about our bus adventure and having trouble getting  the old pre-digital photos to post.  We had scanned them, but I could not get them to copy, I was getting so frustrated and about to give up…I really needed a tech secretary.   The 13 year old visitor had her lap top and when I complained about my mission she quietly took my USB, and  worked away miraculously transforming them into a format where I could post them on my blog!

I was so grateful and so excited!  I felt all my resentments fall away.   I offered them more food, hot drinks we sat around and chatted, laughed.  I had a lovely evening with them and was so thankful that they were there.  I felt as though their mum had done me a favour by lending them to me for the night.
It reminded me that everyone has gift, has a story, has something to share.
I do know that, but just need to be  reminded, often!

It is an honour when someone asks you to look after their children.  I am always blown away by the responsibility and feel so honoured to have been trusted with such an important job.

Next week we are having a friend of Ollie’s to stay – for 6 weeks!   Not weekends, mind you.  His mum said last night how much they appreciated us doing this (they are off overseas).  Again I thought what an honour to be trusted with  someone elses child for so long.

We agreed that Billy could come and stay but said it just wouldn’t work if he was at school.  How wonderful that his mum didn’t miss a beat and said that was fine, he could have 6 weeks off school!  Even though we are within spitting distance to the school, it would be too much having the commitment of working around school hours.  So we are really excited about having an extra in our lives and the boys always having a play mate around.

He has a real passion for playing and a great imagination – plus he eats anything and really appreciates my food!
I did check and it is fine if he appears in my blog…..


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