The Daily Groove


Here is a totally inspiring book and daily email I get.  Just a little snippet to help you being a parent on the cutting edge of parenting.

I am sure many of you already know and follow Scott Noelle, but if not  this comes highly recommended…

Here is an example of a daily email……

THE DAILY GROOVE ~ by Scott Noelle

:: The Perspective Game ::

Think of someone (outside your family) whom you
greatly admire — someone you look up to. It can
be a friend, someone you’ve never met, or even a
historical figure.

Got someone in mind? . . . Good!

Now imagine you ARE that person. Take his or her
perspective as fully as you can. Then imagine that
you (as that person) are looking at the actual you.

How do you see yourself from the perspective of this
person? (You may notice that this person you look
*up* to doesn’t look *down* on you!)

Now take the perspective of your child, and look at
yourself through your child’s eyes. When your child
looks *up* to you (literally), does s/he feel like
a lesser being? Or does s/he feel simply feel
*connected*? Or…?

Try taking the perspective of everyone you meet
today. Have fun discovering the many ways to see
the world… and yourself… and your child!

No single perspective is “right.” Keep the
perspectives that feel good to you, and release
those that don’t.

And this……

:: Truth Is Overrated ::

In a materialistic society, we form the habit of
taking  objective “truth” too seriously. One of the
gifts of parenthood is that children give us an
excuse to *relax* about objective truths and revive
our natural appreciation of *felt* (subjective)

When a five-year-old boy says, “I’m going to eat
this *whole* watermelon right now!” he’s telling
*his* truth for that moment. If his mother says,
“Don’t be silly! That melon is twenty times the size
of your stomach!” the richness of his heartfelt
truth is lost to both of them.

Today, notice how you respond to your child’s
“childish” statements. Put aside what you “know” and
let yourself *feel* your child’s truth.

Enjoy the feeling of connection made possible by
your willingness to share your child’s
perspective… Now *that’s* power!


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