More food


Yesterday was a stunning spring day and when I finally made it out into the garden at 3pm one of my first thoughts was –  “I am not cooking dinner tonight, we can have leftovers, or toast, or both….”  So much did I want to stay outside and uncover a winters worth of weeds.
So imagine my joy when Ollie announced he was cooking a three course meal for his Scout badge!  Awesome!

He was challenging himself, nothing too basic,  so I had to yell out how to make pastry (for apple pie) through the open window while planting out coriander.  And I had to try and be specific with quantities about how to make fritters….he had to bring the bowl out to show me.

He did well.   Apples, carrots, cheese &  hummus nibbles for first course.

Roast spuds, (wedges), bean and corn fritters, broccoli and peas  for main course, and the  (individual) apple pies with yogurt for pudding.

Plus he cleaned up and washed up!   What a treat.  He loved the apple pies so much he had a leftover one for breakfast today and then  made more  pastry again  and made some more!





The Chef at work – I could get used to this…



Yummy pies

A rare shot of Hannah, recently of the short hair
enjoying pudding.
Rare for her to be eating with us,
not rare for her to be eating pudding that is!

I think I will enjoy the next stage of older children if it means they get into the kitchen more and produce meals…..
Such a valuable life skill too –  all that maths, health, science.  The perfect activity for homeschoolers.   Bring it on!



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