Poker face


I have often thought I should get around to teaching the kids poker.
We play many cool card games and some with betting involved. We have a big jar of old coins – right up Charlie’s street.   He is by far the keenest game player and loves to play anything – we tend to go through phases where we play the same game for a few months on end – Backgammon, Yahtzee(touched on poker), Canasta, Chess, Settlers of Catan, Mancala….

How fantastic it was this weekend when their cousin Finn, taught them poker.
The three boys played for hours on end, luckily Granny had a large collection of coins for betting (what does she  get up to??)

I love it when the kids learn new things from other people.

It really expands their world and makes a change from me!

Then of course when they tell me all about it and want to teach
me their new skills it is so exciting for me to hear what they have                         been up to.

This is how Ollie arranged all his money during the game.
Full of Olympic spirit!











They played for hours at a time over the weekend.

This gave us time to indulge in our favourite game – Bananagrams and now a new game, using the same letter tiles taught to us up the mountain tramping recently – Anagrams.  Very great game for word lovers  like my mum and me.  We played with an Olympic theme, in honour of the moment – which gave the game a good twist and kept our brains stretching.


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