Olympic effort


I give us a gold for TV watching in the last 17 days!!

As Charlie said repeatedly throughout – “It is only every 4 years Mum, and only for 17 days!”

There were some days when we simply just forgot about it, or when even Charlie, the most hardened watcher had enough and picked up a book or moved back to his Lego…  He is now an expert on all the adverts played, and can sing along to their theme songs.  Plus the scoring for each sport and medal tally…

He has also decided that Hockey is the game for him and is keen to play.
I have checked in with the kids every year as to whether they want to  play a team sport, or pick up anything.   Often you have to really see something in action to understand what is involved, Charlie is definitely one of these people.

For a whole year I asked him every week if he wanted to go to Cub Scouts with Ollie (and Wayne, who is a leader).  He assured me every week that …”Cubs is Ollie’s thing and not mine, thank you very much!”
It is one of those times when you just know that they will love something and have to see it, so of course when he finally went (sick of me asking him perhaps) he just LOVED it and came home and told me that  “Cubs is very much my thing!”

So even though his best mate plays hockey, now he has seen it in action – and let’s face it pretty  fantastic action at that, he is as keen as mustard to play himself!

It is so exciting when one of your children are keen to  try a new skill, put themselves out there so confidently and just know that it is the right time for them.   I am constantly being reminded by them to let them guide as to when they are ready for the next thing.

The boys loved watching the Tae Kwon Doh too.  All three males in our household do this and do it with a passion!

Ollie has very much found his thing (one of many ) and is a natural.  It only inspired more kicking, punching and other well disciplined moves.  This is all a delight as you may have gathered we have new, springy carpet and a still very empty lounge.  Hard to put 7 years of acquisitions back into a small and very tidy looking space…..and so the garage sale pile grows daily – my de-cluttering mantra is  “If is isn’t beautiful to look at or you haven’t used it in 6 months…out it goes!”  I am testing this now.

Back to the Olympics.
I am a total Pollyanna so do not buy into any of the negativity floating around.
I just love the Olympics.  It fills me with hope of the most wonderful and most simplistic kind.  That we are all one and can indeed live in harmony together.  I loved seeing the closing ceremony, the wonderful music and so many people all singing and dancing.  That is how life should be.  For a short time  yesterday  we all got to experience that.
The Monty Python song could  have been written by me,  – “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.”

Indeed for a few hours it felt as though everyone was.

I am aware of human rights issues, the huge amount of money being spent…..but I believe you get what you focus on , so I very definitely focus on the positive, the wonderful things that such an international gathering has brought us all.   With the intention that we  will then have more of this on our planet – more
caring …..
with perhaps a touch of synchronised swimming  thrown in, or that diving… oh and maybe more tri-athalons and pole vaulting…..



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