Mid winter?


We have just been away to stay with Granny, at the beach – sometimes affectionately known as “Granny Beach” even!

It is so spring-like already and how wonderful that is!  We were down on the beach in the sunshine, water sparkling and that wonderful thing that happens when you go to the beach with kids.  You know when they all just melt away and do their own thing and are so completely absorbed  in their own little world.  The natural world just seems to bring out the very best of us all, especially kids.  It seems to have a calming effect  I have always loved just hanging at the beach, or going to a park or  into the bush.  It is as though a big sigh escapes us all and everyone drifts off  into their own bliss.

Charlie, Ollie and cousin Finn
making a fire with a flint and dry grass…

As they get older though, I guess things change, the way they play.   Luckily Ollie always has his flint & his survival kit on hand and the desire to practice his fire lighting skills.  So, with best friend and cousin Finn, he collected tinder and twigs and made a gorgeous little fire.

This is the little surround they built .
Drift wood is just the best to build with!!

Charlie got straight into digging connecting tunnels.  Totally immersed, totally creative, totally happy!

Endless hours of fun!

Mid winter?

I got to wander, sit and chat to my Mum in the sun, paddle (briefly!) collect driftwood…and we all munched on chocolate!

It feels so good to have the sun on my skin and the sand between my toes and a touch of Vitamin D on the skin.  Enough to get through the rest of winter…. until the next sunny day at the beach.


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  1. Lol Jane, Ed is considering marking your posts as spam. Being institutionalised to all work and no play means he finds reading about your amazing life (random trips to the beach on a beautiful day just about tipped him off the edge!!) just too depressing. I say keep it coming and it may just start to rub off a little.

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