What new carpet has brought us


There has been an interesting juxaposition lately as I read Little House on the Prairie to Charlie(8), and sometimes Ollie (11).   I have been yearning for a simpler life.  One less cluttered.

Where kids get a tin mug for Christmas and are just over the moon.
A time where a family of 5 can pack up a household in an hour and be on the road.
A life where the simple things are the only things.

So we have been pulling up old carpet.  But first having to remove 7 years of stuff we have accumulated…. x 5!!

And the hall, 2 bedrooms and our lounge are empty!  Beautiful wooden floors (why are we covering them!!??)

Our wooden hallway!


Our bedroom and conservatory are piled high with boxes and furniture, we are so lucky to have a large house!
I am tempted to open the conservatory door and put up a   “Garage Sale “sign…..
I will definately only put selected things back in though after the carpet comes.


It feels fun just camping out, minimalistic for two days….
Sort of Little House on the Prairie, but with the Olympics on in the background….




And yesterday,  after emptying Ollies room the kids were reminded that in his cupboard lies the one and only route to ‘underneath-the-house’!  So, with another friend who was here, they donned beanies, took brushes rigged up a light and disappeared!

The entrance to the Secret Base


Hours later they had designed and made two rooms, using heaps of cardboard boxes as walls.  They had old carpet on the ground, plans for food supplies to be left there, a flap over the air vent and the sound of hammering reverberated through the house all afternoon…..


Charlie in the main room

Very cool game.  When friends arrived for dinner they all disappeared down to the new base.  There is only about half a metre/two foot of space under there, so card games were conducted reclining on the carpet. Shrieks of laughter were muffled.

Big plans for expansion are afoot, with  the excitement of introducing it to other friends, who we know will love the base.  As Ollie says it is the perfect base really –  if it was outside it would have to be waterproof, if it was in the house somewhere they would have to clean it up. (sometimes)  Under there it is large, relatively adult proof and secret.
The irony was that this weekend has been warm and delightfully springy (daffodils beginning to appear even)…..yet   the boys have spent big chunks of it down under the house!

You can’t beat a good base/hut……



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  1. How exciting, you now have a basement. My brothers did something similar. Watch out for signs of excavation though!!! Little piles of dirt added here and there to the garden, clouds of random dust or your house collapsing into a gigantic abyss would all be clear signs.

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