Growing up


I have just subscribed to Lauren Fisher’s inspiring blog.   She is a prolific blogger, not sure how she gets the time, and a beautiful photographer.   She opened today’s blog with the words    “It is so easy to travel with young children.”
This sent a pang through me as I could only agree.  How I love to travel and to travel anywhere with my children is my absolutely most favourite thing in the whole world!   Every single time I have gotten in to the car in the last 13 years, with my off-spring safety belted in beside me and  snacks at the ready I have experienced a jolt of excitement. The promise of adventure is important to me, my life blood.  I have learned that adventure is never far away and is simply an attitude.

It may be we are heading to the big city for a day of museum adventures, the zoo, up to the  snow, the beach or to visit friends further afield.
Very often is has been with a car of tents, beach gear, food for an extended wild camp right away from our everyday life.
Everyday there are local adventures to be had.  Just last week the boys and I went to our local river, a lovely walk through bush.  It was a gorgeous day.  Ollie, being Ollie, suggested a fire and whipped out his flint and with a minimal bit of natural tinder got a fire going.  Me, being me, whipped out food and drink and while we sat in the winter sun, fed the fire, and ourselves I read a novel to them.
This has been a common adventure for us over the years.  Being outside, hanging out, making a fire…..
I am so grateful for having such beautiful environs right on our doorstep.  And for living in NZ where we are so free to just get in the car, with a tent and take off to many magical and wonderful places of great beauty.

Yes, to travel with young children is a breeze for me, an absolute joy, combining the two great loves of my life.

What has changed for me in recent times though is that our numbers are dwindling.  Hannah is very independent now days, and only very rarely accompanies us on our trips.   I have to be honest and say how this saddens me, but only for selfish reasons, as I love to  have my children close  by….. For her, I am very excited to see her growing up to be such a beautiful and self assured young woman and I look forward to being a part of her changing  life.  When she does occasionally hang out with us I feel complete again, like in the good old days.
Of course, Ollie is next and has already started to stretch his wings and test them in little leaps from the side of the nest.  I am so happy for him and it is so exciting to see and be a part of his growing up.
It does mean that more and more I look around me as we go out and think….and then there was one…..

As I become more and more accepting of this I get very excited and know that my time is coming!  And I will be so much more confident and sure of who I am than I was in my twenties. New adventures await, new things to learn and our family will only expand over time, just like your love as a parent does each time you have another baby.
So yes I could have kept on having babies.  But I am so lucky to have such amazing kids and to be enjoying their childhoods so very much.  It is a bit like that Dr. Suess book  “Oh the places you’ll see”.   We have seen some pretty amazing places and get to see more and more.

I just realised I haven’t even mentioned our biggest sojourn, 18 months in a house bus…oh boy…watch this space!!


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