Busy Busy…


I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, but it seemed a bit banal so I never posted it, but now I think  no, this shows that homeschooling can be ultra sociable and wonderful….all when we choose it to be! And not every week….

Life seems so busy!

This week we have            – been ice skating (a cool temporary rink)
– made a medieval movie
– are going roller skating (tomorrow)
– the kids ukulele group is going busking (tomorrow)
– have  a shared Pizza dinner  (tomorrow)
(this is all with our amazing homeschool group)


Here is Charlie defending the goal while roller-blading.
They spent most of the time playing a game, on skates with lots of balls..

The boys have been to Tae Kwon Do, Scouts and Cubs.  We had a lovely  walk to the river where we made a fire, had food and I read the book  I am reading to the boys  (Micheal Morpungo – Twist of Gold and highly recommended!!).
Ollie has been editing the Medieval movie with the friend that filmed it, had a fire with some other friends, done some prep for helping out at Cubs (knot tying).  We have been to town, the library, Charlie busked for 20 minutes  while I was in the Supermarket and make a cool $15!  Charlie has been playing lego,  feeding birds, reading, playing ukulele and playing endless games of Canasta with me.
Our weekend is full of music – the Ukulele group is performing on Saturday morning at an International Market day, then we have a Folk band practice all afternoon.  Ultra-sociable for the kids!!

First time on the ice…
Ollie racking up a total of zero tumbles!!




I was bemoaning the fact to Hannah, (who has been unwell and therefore not at Drama, French or Piano and lessening the busyness this week believe it or not!!) that I just haven’t been able to get on the computer to write this week.  I asked her about how often she blogs and she gave me the look that said obviously she posts new things several times a day!!

Oh my!
Maybe if we stopped eating I would have more time….. Tonight I have cooked Leek and Potato soup for dinner, a loaf of bread, piles of mini pizzas, two apple cakes, banana muffins….And still will make sushi in the morning for lunch.  (NB – this is not normal, I am the queen of leftover revamps and always over-cater so there is plenty)

Last week I was enjoying a quiet time with no commitments, and telling others how important it is to just hibernate in winter, not rush around so much, to do less with the seasonally intuitive feeling, to read a book by the fire etc.   It feels like a lifetime ago….


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