Tumbleweed is launched


I have launched my new, passion fueled adventure  as a storyteller!
That is performing stories, songs, jokes, wearing crazy dress ups, face paint, (note to self get make-up removal stuff…) and showing  a group  of children different instruments.

Tumbleweed Storytelling had it’s first show at the weekend and what fun!

I loved having an audience after weeks of rehearsing in the lounge to an       increasingly eye-rolling family… Charlie performed with me for this first time.
It was a story about a little boy going busking, so that was just art imitating life as you may have read a few posts back.

It was so cool to see what the young audience thought was funny and I have come back inspired to write more songs and develop my other ideas off the drawing board.

The last few weeks have been a powerhouse of  (and I am certain it is  Divine)  inspiration.  I have been up late in the night and waking at 5am just brimming with ideas for stories.  I have three children’s picture  books drafted out and 3 ideas for new storytelling routines.  I have pamphlets printed and friends primed and I am off today to deliver them to schools and early childhood centres in our area.

I just know this is a perfect thing for me to be doing at the moment.  You can tell by the ease with which it has flowed. I intend to generate more income, so I can  live some more dreams I have.  To do this I want only to move forward and do something fun that  I am passionate about.  Plus it is always a good thing to push yourself a bit into new areas, out of your comfort zone.
After seeing these photos I have used, I went and got my hair cut, the grey shocked me.  It reminded me though not to waste another day, to get out there and just DO IT!!  So I am grateful for that.

The very beginning of the show I tell a story about how I became a storyteller.
I start with when I worked in a bank (I was nearly fired as I never balanced!) and how I didn’t like wearing a uniform.
Then how as a teacher I know I loved working with kids, and loved stories and music, but did not enjoy all the paperwork.
Then I got the best job ever as a mummy!  A few years ago all the kids got cloaks – Jedi, Medieval, and Harry Potter and I knew I wanted a job that combined all the above and one I could wear a cloak for!!
It is a good reminder to keep on stepping through life, don’t stay still, keep on developing your skills and of course, doing what you love.
I feel so excited and bouyed up by this new adventure and grateful to all those who have and will support me.

Charlie and I in full swing.
They thought the Kazoo was the funniest!



Audience participation is fantastic fun!




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