TV in the house!!


Well, the Olympics have started- and in answer to some queries  we had banana pancakes for breakfast, not chip butties!!  It was still an occasion and well enjoyed by us all, even stirring some patriotic pride (me being English by birth).

And now we have a TV in the house, in the lounge and  turned on!

It really does bring the world into the room and so cool for the kids to see sports they haven’t ever seen before. This morning we watched sychronised diving! Wow!    There is alot of discussion around the scoring, the rules, the skill involved and as to why some sports are more fun to watch.

Gee…. I can see the appeal of TV – quiet house, tidy house, kids occupied…mmmmmm.
It is just for 17 days for us though and that will be enough, a mid winter treat and such a change of  pace.

The pageantry of the opening is always a great thing to observe and expose the kids to.  Hannah says she loved how there were 7 billion pieces of paper dropped to represent each of us on the planet!  (I admit I did think what a mess to clean up.)
There was a strong feeling of being a part of a wider world community which is a very positive thing for them to realise and for us all to remember – that we have more in common than we do differences.   Very hopeful to see us all playing together as one.
That is what I enjoy seeing.
We can do it.
We can live in peace!
And have fun at the same time.
The kids are bonded in their TV watching, nice for them to all be enjoying the same pursuit for a time – that hasn’t happened since Hannah stopped playing imaginary games.

And also go humanity,  go the world, go us…… Let’s all strive for a gold in living together in peace.


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  1. I too grew up with no TV in the house and survived the experience. I agree with your comment about the house being quiet and tidy. With 6 kids and no TV life was never quiet or tidy in our home. – Ed

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