Memories are made of these


We all seem to love traditions.
The kids fondly remember four years ago when the Olympics were on and we brought the TV in from it’s place in the garage and made a big bed on the lounge floor to watch the opening ceremony.  At midnight Wayne got up and made chip butties!  Hannah was the last to go to sleep at 2.30am.  They still talk about it
So with this years Olympics about to start Wayne has borrowed a TV, the kids are  already talking midnight snacks, although it will be 7am NZ time for us this time – not a busy time in our household!!

I love the memories the kids have stacked up.  With Hannah very firmly out of childhood now I can see her whole growing up in one piece, with great perspective and it looks pretty good.  She says it was fantastic, no complaints so I do have a sense of “whew!”,  I did OK.
It does also make me realise that every minute is precious.  Not to waste a day.  Especially when having  children in my life who grow up so fast… It seems  a good reminder to  live fully anyway, because we are all growing up, getting older.
I love the  idea of magic moments and have been blessed to have a fair few of them in my life already.  And I  aspire to having just magic moments, one after the other, nothing else.  It is all attitude I guess, anything and everything is a magic moment if you see it in the right light.
Having kids around certainly helps as they live so well in the present and gain so much pleasure from life and the little things that happen.

So I guess come Saturday morning we will be having a magical, if extremely early, few  moments  (hours?) of TV viewing on the lounge floor.  I am thinking blueberry pancakes this time, maybe followed by chip butties later, just for old times sake.


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  1. Aaaah, lovely! I hope you all had a great time and thought it was worth the early morning! I was chatting to a Kiwi friend today about it and she was asking me lots of questions about why there were NHS nurses and council houses and so much emphasis on punk rock and I loved talking to her about Danny Boyle’s awesome vision of the UK. She’s lived in the UK and thought she knew it well but enjoyed talking to someone even more versed in British eccentricity than herself!

    BTW, I am totally in awe of having a child who looks back on her childhood and thinks it was fantastic! This is my holy grail! Well done you!!

  2. Yes thanks we did love the opening ceremony and we too were a little bemused by all the hospital beds, but having a giant Voldemort scared off by dozens of Mary Poppins’ definately helped to dispel any doubts that it was a great and worthy show!!
    Music was great…..

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