A bit about food


I always imagined I would be posting recipes.  But have realised that as I hardly ever follow a recipe (except for cakes) there wouldn’t be much to post.   I am also incredibly lax about measuring (don’t worry the kids are very accurate when they cook and tell me off for just slopping things in).  So I will post a recipe, but without exact amounts ( sorry).

Our diet is healthy vegetarian.  Wayne eats meat when we go out, but is happy to eat vegetarian at home.  I would describe my diet as  mostly wheat free & vegan plus cake!  We eat alot of organic food, but not all.   Mostly the basics – flour (I make bread), oats, millet, raisins, all our beans (our staple), rice, seeds.   I buy fruit and veges locally, so they are fresh and plentiful, but not organic.

Here is a recipe for a sweet yet healthy treat – Bliss Balls

Cover dates in water, only just.  Add vanilla essence and boil, leave to cool.  In a food processor process nuts.  I use walnuts or almonds mostly, you can use any thing or a mixture and use seeds too, what ever is handy.  Add carob powder and you can add coconut too if  you like.  Tip in the soggy date mixture and blend for a minute.  The mixture should be firm enough to be formed into balls and rolled in coconut.

Keep them in the fridge and  hide them behind something no one likes otherwise they get eaten very quickly!
You can use dried apricots, sultanas, prunes  or a mixture for the fruit, although it is good to have some dates in the mix.

I tend to look through a recipe book for ideas, but usually get my inspiration from

what is in the fridge
some lovely ingredient I have bought
asking friends what they are having for tea
thinking creatively for a few minutes

Mostly I have leftovers to play with as I am a chronic over-caterer.   I tend to cook up a storm for a day then reinvent the beany/vege dish into a pie,  nachoes,  as a dip,  over spuds, with rice, in a pasta bake etc….

I really cannot stand to waste food and am great and using up what we have.  Usually at the end of the week I will make individual meals based on leftovers  and personal tastes – one serving of soup to someone, add an egg and chilli sauce to  some rice and vege for Wayne,  some old pasta just needs some cheese for Hannah…that sort of thing.

Ok maybe I will post some more “recipes”….

Funny vegetarian joke –  The girl said she had met me at the Vegetarian society, but I had never met herbivore.


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  1. I’m completely with you regarding your attitude to not wasting food, and hiding favourite food in the fridge but I still add bacon to pumpkin soup. …. Don’t forget you love eating food in season too!!

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