I received an interesting thing in the mail today.  It was a pamphlet advertising after school tutoring.   It’s message was   –

“We know that your child is a genius, we just help them prove it.”   !!!!!

This is amazing and really shows what we don’t do as unschoolers!

I don’t make our children prove that they know something.
Knowledge changes as we grow, I certainly do not remember all the things I crammed for my exams at university.
If I wanted to remind myself of something I studied years ago I would use the skills I have to look it up somewhere.

Read a book perhaps.

It is like when (and we have all done this!)  you “test” babies and toddlers.  You know when they start to talk, or show their understanding about something and then when  a visitor is there you hear yourself saying,  “show  so-and-so how you  say yellow or what colour is this?  What is this??”  If the child knows the answer, then how silly making them tell you, if they don’t know, then they will feel really bad for not performing correctly.

Same with older children.  If they know something and it serves them at the time, then fine, they will use it for as long as they need to.  A lot of things I talk about with the kids I know are transitory.   The kids have an interest in something, questions flow and they are totally present and fascinated.  This does not mean that they will remember everything you have spoken about.  It means that they will each take from the conversation what ever is relevant to them at the time.    I know Ollie, who has an amazing memory, will often recall comments years later from long forgotten conversations.  I love how they take different things from the same information or situations.  (See the art gallery story…)  They all show us constantly how they retain what is relevant to them on their journeys.  Hannah knew the 7 Harry Potter books by heart and would call out a missed adjective (from another room) when I was reading aloud to the boys a few years ago!  It is fascinating to see what they do each remember over time….although scary as to how much I seem to have forgotten…..!

I could so easily have preconceived ideas of what they “should” have remembered and even test them on it.  But that would be crazy as it would be what I think, I want, or what I perceive to be important which of course, for my life, it is.   Just not for them.

I have no fear about how they will fare in the future.  If they are studying at tertiary level, doing something they love, there will be no problem for them in learning how to write/ share/regurgitate their knowledge when required to achieve a goal.

Yes we are all geniuses.
I am amazed how I can cook without a recipe book!
I can teach guitar with my eyes closed!  (I don’t)
I remember what star sign (and  most birthdays) family and friends are.
I can write a children’s story in an hour.
I can play a song on my violin that I only know in my head.

When I am on track with my life and doing what feels right, then everything just flows, things come back to me, new insights just flash in to my mind.
I call that divine inspiration and  the only proof I have is that it just feels right.


Here is something else I was reading….

(this is not a link sorry, you will have to copy it…)

The proof is in the pudding


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