Busking and Abundance


Charlie has been busking five times in all , over the last couple of weeks.  We have just been away and he took his ukulele and he busked in new and different places.  He was totally inspiring for several reasons.
Firstly his confidence.  He is only 8 and how incredible to see such determination  and such as ease of doing what he loves to do. I was totally inspired and have sat in various places watching and thinking, well if he can just step off the cliff like that, put himself out there, there is no excuse for me not to drag some of my dreams off the back burner as well.  Carpe diem.

Just listening to good music is also a great soul lifter.  I think I am not alone.   Over the last few days I saw many folk smiling as they watched Charlie singing his heart out.  Music is such a mood setter and changer.  Seeing people looking rushed or stressed, then hearing Charlie singing and then seeing him  (because just remember that he is young and cute…) smile, stop in amazement to listen (he is also a very good musician)  was such a wonderful thing to see.  What a gift he gave so many people.  He has got better at being able to  also thank them graciously, sometimes in mid-song, as they gave him money.

I am so happy for him that he has learnt at such a young age how important it is to do what you love in life.  Of course if you are doing that, living your passion, then you will naturally bring joy to others.  Whether you are giving time, helping out practically, teaching or inspiring others by how you live your life I have learnt that when you do live  your perfect life and do your passion,  you cannot help but help others.  It just happens, a bonus side effect if you like.

And so the big lesson about money.  Charlie loves money!
How fantastic to hear him say…”Oh I will just make another $60…”    He was totally demonstrating that the universe is an abundant place and he is a powerful creator.  He was never thinking that he should save some.  He never doubted his ability to earn $50-$60 per hour singing and playing ukulele.
I love that and want to be like him!!  He spent nearly $300 this week on Star Wars Lego!!
I am so excited for him and he was great trying to explain to me how excited he was, by putting himself in my shoes –
“So mum, it is like someone giving you air tickets to travel anywhere you want in the world….”
Yep , that worked for me and boy that is VERY excited!!

So what a buzz.  This has really got my creative juices working…….

Oh and I intend to get some photos next time, when he has finished putting all his new lego together and is ready to get out on the streets again!



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