The Rice Experiment


This is so great!

Based on the  work of Masaru Emoto  in his book – “Messages from Water and the Universe”.

He developed a way to photograph water crystals and discovered that the state of the crystal depended on the condition of the water or the words it was exposed to.   Beautiful clearly formed crystals formed in water that came from springs and water from upper reaches of rivers. Also when beautiful music was played to the water.  However water crystals formed uneven shapes when taken from lower reaches of a river, taps and was exposed to negative words and to heavy metal music!  The photos are quite beautiful and the research fascinating.

To see this in action, nearly two years ago I cooked some plain white rice and divided it half and placed it in two clean jars.    On one I wrote a label – “Thank you  I love you!”  and on the other   “I hate you, you are stupid.”
I then encouraged everyone to talk to the jars with the correct words and sentiments.  I was fine kissing the love jar, telling it all sorts of loving and encouraging things, giving it Reiki….I did find the hate one incredibly hard and just stopped doing it.  However…everyone who visited was extremely interested in this and some folk relished the chance to unleash some negativity on the poor unsuspecting rice…

What results!!

The two identical jars of rice….



And from the back , nearly two years after cooking.
The white rice is still pristine.









After a couple of weeks the mold stared to grow on the hated jar.   And after nearly two years the moldy one looks gross, whereas the loved rice looks good enough to eat. Everyone finds this so interesting.  I have to confirm to visitors that yes, the rice was cooked at the same time, yes, the jars were clean, and yes the words spoken to them do affect the water content….

I would also like to have done a neutral jar that is just ignored.
The interesting thing is that no one has spoken to them for over 6 months and they still continue to be what they are.  The kids have suggested we try to turn around the moldy one with words of love and encouragement, which I thought was a lovely idea….I fell like we are getting close to the sort of curriculum children should be learning from when they say things like that.

I guess you can draw your own conclusions from this experiment, what with people (including of course children) being up to 60% water…..

Emoto  recommends we  “live every day with your heart full of unconditional love and gratitude.”
He says a lot of very wonderful things.

Read the book!
It is very inspiring and thought-provoking…..


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