Pocket money


Here is another borrowed idea that we have instigated as a family tradition.

For pocket money the children get their age on full moon.  It is a simple system that works well and there have never been complaints that it isn’t fair for anybody (this can be a big issue in our family!!)  I also like that it connects the kids with the natural world and they have some idea of when the moon is full – usually an extremely good idea!

Last year we had a lovely full moon group going, all women.  We  would try to have a fire outside if it was fine weather and sit around, have a cuppa and lovely food to eat.  We did all sorts of things – shared what was happening in our lives, honored each other, shared and released intentions for the month, gave gifts, or some little ritual some one would run.  It was the most amazing time.  I always came away feeling as though my cup was well on the way to being full!

So pocket money is our full moon ritual!!
I have never made the kids work for money.  For me I think children need to have money to save, spend, count and play with for them practice using it and having it.  They have all now found other ways to make money out of their passions – Charlie (8) went busking on his ukulele today and made $50!!!  Hannah (13) teaches music- guitar and ukulele and later this year can start babysitting.  Ollie (11) makes and sells survival bracelets.
Because of this I have announced recently that pocket money will stop at 14 years….. (not long  to go Hannah!)

The older two also now get a clothing allowance ($20 a month) and have their own working bank accounts.  Hannah shops wisely at op shops and gets alot of hand-me-down clothes.  Ollie will save his up and then buy one pair of good quality outdoor/survival pants.
It is fascinating to see them being really true to who they are and having the freedom  to express that in all areas of their lives.  I love that!



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