New family traditions – Dates


As someone who loves change and spontaneity  I am amazed at how much I love having family traditions and regular happenings and am really grateful to the children for sharing their enjoyment and appreciation of things that have shaped our family culture.

One of the things is a date with both of us parents.  The system is….a day date on your tenth birthday and a weekend away on your 13th birthday.  ( I stole this off someone else…)

Of course I try and seize every opportunity for time with the kids, individually especially.  It is quite scary how time flies though and life gets busy. So I just love having these  reminders to hang out in a special way.

Last weekend was Hannah’s 13th birthday date.  This was 9 months late, but the important thing is that it happened…!  She loved the fact it was all about her.  We went to Wellington, stayed in a hotel (as opposed to the usual tent/tramping hut/someones lounge floor..), ate dinner at her favourite Turkish restaurant and visited The Weta Cave – a must see for a Lord of The Rings fan/ movie maker like herself.

Outside The Weta Cave, Wellington

It was so lovely spending time together, (no play fighting/rough and tumble/ TKD practice/Star Wars talk ).
We went to a movie and out for brunch, hung out at the hotel, took all the free shampoos, watched TV,  walked arm in arm and talked – uninterrupted.
Hannah, being so independent, can certainly get lost in the crowd as she just does her own thing and I have learnt that the best way to connect with her is have some quality time, alone, with no distractions (ie brothers).

I loved that she wanted to hang out with us.  I am lucky to be enjoying more and more time alone with her as the boys get older and more independent.  Having another woman in the house is a fantastic bond we have and I love that we can enjoy the same movies, share dates and  roll our eyes when the three boys act like, well…boys.

Hannah and Gollum….



Thanks for a special time together Hannah.   I am looking forward to Ollie’s 13th weekend away and Charlie’s 10th…

And I am all for creating traditions as we go along….I wonder what is next…..?
Overseas trip with Mum on your 15th perhaps? !!




Brunch at the fabulous and retro Meow Cafe, Wellington


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