Ollie as a tutor


Ollie is a people person.  People are attracted to him and vice versa.  Young children flock to him and I know he is a role model for many younger children.   He also has an amazing memory and observational skills.  He loves to share all the knowledge he has acquired and is a natural teacher.
One of the things he does is to make and sell  paracord bracelets.  These are survival bracelets, that not only look good, but can provide many feet of strong parachute cord in an emergency situation.  The inside of the cord can also be pulled out and used for fishing line, sewing etc…

We have a cool group where, once a week &  down the road, we gather with other homeschooled families.  We have entered a group in a Ukulele Festival and so have our own  ukulele group (18 children). We also do craft, play games, run around alot (the kids) chat (the adults) and eat cake (all of us!).
A couple of weeks ago Ollie led everyone  through making paracord straps for their ukuleles, so we can go busking and stand up and play.  Then the following week he taught everyone to make paracord bracelets, with the rest of their cord.

Ollie demonstrating the bracelet knot

He was such a natural communicator.  I was so proud of him.  He was patient with everyone,  helped everyone, showed them clearly what to do then went around and let them do it themselves in such a respectful  way.  He gave positive feedback and  was so inspiring!

It is such a lovely moment as a parent to see your child stepping out for themselves, making their own way  in the world and doing it with such confidence and respect.  To see   Ollie  inspiring other children, chatting to adults about the best knife to get, sharing his skills and knowledge with such  ease is a wonderful thing and truly warms my heart….

Ollie patiently helping someone in his quiet confident way


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