Mid Winter Camp- wonders and capers


We have just returned from an amazing weekend away with our wonderful Homeschool group of friends.
We have about 20 families, give or take, that hang out together regularly once a month and do all sorts of cool things.
Sometimes just a walk, or a picnic, we go roller skating, swimming, camping, go to museums, have Forest school, writing workshops, film festivals, wearable art displays, science activities, wood work ……and every year, close to the solstice, we have a mid winter camp.  Last year some folk did actually camp outside as there were lots of us and it wasn’t really that cold.  Not this year!!  We woke up to SNOW!!

We were up at Sixtus Lodge, tucked in under the Ruahine range, and it had been pretty wintery, but to actually have lots of snow was magical!  We don’t usually get ‘snow-on-the-ground’ in the North Island of NZ, so this  made the whole camp very exciting!  As you can imagine there was alot of snowball action, snow people, tricks and laughs and much wet clothing.  Charlie and a friend spent a couple of hours making a snow base!

The snow base….

In the afternoon, some hardy souls even got to go horse riding as the road cleared a bit and was safe enough for the horses.  One 5 year girl had told her Grandpa that she was going to bring him a photo of her riding a horse in the snow.  Her mum thought that was a big ask, but she definately manifested up her vision perfectly!

I just love hanging  out with such great friends who have so much in common with us and our way of parenting.  Being together for a weekend with  so much love and friendship is so nourishing.  Such a feeling of community, like so many of us are really wanting to get back to, is  a precious gift.

Some of us in fancy dress
celebrating all things Indian!

We had a delicious curry night,
with a huge array of gourmet wonders
enhanced by some Indian outfits
and a touch of Bollywood music
to dance to…..

Another highlight for many,  was the concert night!

It is so fantastic to see kids (and adults) get up and perform to a crowd.
Such a wonderful way to  increase confidence and also to inspire others to try it  out. We had songs, poetry, ukuleles, drama and even a maths demonstration!

Charlie was determined to perform himself, alone, as he wants to go busking alone too.  He did and like a true performer didn’t want to stop!!   He was just incredible, oozing confidence, up there singing and strumming his ukulele!


Ukulele group at the concert.
They played ‘Count on Me’, by Bruno Mars
And ‘These Boots were made for Walking’
They rocked!!

I am constantly reminded that the world is full of  wonderful people and how everyone has a story to share.

Thanks to all the wonderful  people in my life who share adventures and  live their dreams alongside mine.


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