8 course meal


A couple of weeks ago Ollie and a friend (both 11) cooked our families an 8 course meal!

It was amazing, very yummy, and beautifully served.  They did it all themselves, prepping over two days and working hard all day Saturday .

These were the courses we had ….


The Chefs!! They had  chef uniforms so really looked the part too!

Veges and mashed, piped, then baked potatoes,
Chocolate brownie and ice cream
Stewed fruit

It was perfect and really a lovely way to eat .  Being waited on was a treat and  having small portions  put in front of you!
I love having older children now who  have such creativity in them and a desire to express it.  I love the confidence they have to carry through a  project, especially one involving me not cooking!!
Ollie really appreciates our life and is constantly telling me how grateful he is to be living this life we have and the great freedom he has.  Things like this just cement this feeling for us all.
I was so proud of them   taking on such an epic (and delicious) job.

As part of it we had to dress up as someone from Harry Potter and Charlie and his friend were house elves.  This  worked out well as they served the drinks and cleared the table all night, bowing and scraping, banging their heads against the wall, ironing their fingers etc….as all good house elves do!!  They were totally in character all night!
I went as Hermione at the Yuke Ball (4th book), and not only did I wear makeup  (!!) but fitted into my old ball dress from when I was at University and 20 years younger , even after 8 courses too…..

The Harry Potter clad guests….. with one of the chefs slugging it back behind us!!

We had some quizzes in between courses too, one Harry Potter and a  Star Wars one.
It is great  to support the kids in their passions, and having wonderful friends who love to hang out with and be involved with their kids too really enriches out lives so much and gives us a strong sense of community, which I am really grateful for.

How on earth do you top an 8 course meal though???
Must be a full week retreat for parents, all meals, cleaning and pampering included…something like that guys???

mmmm…watch this space…..


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