The joy of step-parenting

The joy of step-parenting

I am so blessed to have 5 lovely children.  What I always wanted.  And I didn’t have to give birth to two of them.

I was 26 when I met Wayne, a full time Dad to his two gorgeous children Kim and Dane, then 9 and 11 years old.  We waited a year until I moved in and I can clearly picture a cute  little Dane saying how nice it would be to have a “lovely lady” around the place!  The kids were so gracious, so kind to share their Dad and make room for me in their lives and their hearts.  I was very happy to have a ready made family and we managed to squeeze in a fair few adventures before Hannah came along.

We had 6 weeks in South East Asia when I was pregnant.  Very formative times for us as a family.   As I had babies, the older children found their way through adolescence.  They supported me, played with their younger siblings as they arrived,  treated me as a parent in every way.  I saw them  blossom into gorgeous adults and I will be forever grateful for the gift they have given me.  I can trust completely that children do grow up well,  become the lovely adults they are and any parenting mistakes you feel you may have made can be discussed, forgiven, cried over and laughed about with these amazing young people.

Kim and Dane still
‘rough and tumbling’
after all these years!

I do not worry so much about   the younger three kids.  I look at their older brother and sister and love them so much for what they have shown me.
They are so generous and still are, missing out on things their peers  have with two working parents, but supporting me in being a full time (unpaid) parent.

It is an honour to be your parent Kim and Dane.  So thank you for all the good times…and you know what is next…(gulp!) Grandchildren!!
No rush, please.


The 5 kids.


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