Immunisation vs our immune systems


I was just overhearing a group of parents of young children discussing how they have their children’s 4year old jabs coming up and my tongue is still recovering from the harsh biting I gave it.  I was very good, very quiet, tried not to wince visibly, or judge them, because like all parents….

                      They are doing the best they can do with what they know at the moment. 
(This is a very powerful statement, it really helps if you feel as though you may be  judging another person)

So, I had to come and share our story of how our children aren’t immunised….

When Hannah was born it was pure intuition that screamed at me not to inject my little baby with  a cocktail of diseases and toxic chemicals.  Thank goodness.  I told everyone that I was delaying until she was 6 months old and by then I had thankfully met others who  didn’t immunise and felt I could justify it to anyone who felt like arguing the pros with me.  Then after that it was easy.  I had healthy children which was due to a combination of things:

Healthy diets, breastfeeding, no antibiotics/medicine, zero emotional stress through naturally practising attachment parenting (meeting their needs quickly and respectfully) and of course through not immunising.   They were born with perfectly good immune systems, which like the rest of our amazing bodies were perfect.   Our bodies are a whole network of perfect systems that all work efficiently (when nurtured).  The immune system is one of these.

I totally believe that an amazingly, loving &  creative force made us and think they did a fantastic job.  Why doubt it?  Everything else works perfectly, everything we need to live a healthy and abundant life has been thoughtfully provided for us.  It does seem untrusting to suggest that actually, ‘sorry God, you sort of mucked up with the immune system so we will just hedge our bets and pump some toxins into our children.’

From what I can see vaccinations are unnecessary in the very least and downright dangerous at the worst.   There are plenty of horror stories from both ends of the spectrum.   Unfortunately many adverse side affects are never reported as they happen a few weeks or months after the event.  I find it sad to see so many sick children who just expect to spend each winter on antibiotics, parents never questioning why.  Hard to see so many parents giving away their power to powerful drug companies.

There is plenty of information out there if you want facts.  My facts are these.  Our kids have never been to the doctors, had antibiotics or been vaccinated.   Is this a freak of nature?  I don’t think so, the combination of the health giving, holistic approaches  above have had a huge bearing on their health and continue to do so.

Just be aware, you have a choice!  Do your research, or even better follow you intuition, it is always correct.


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