Natural Maths


Maths can be a real concern for unschooling parents, I know.  For many adults they have bad memories of maths  at school and now tell themselves and others that they are no good at maths.

When we first started to unschool I did have occasional worries about them not seeming to be doing any maths.   They came to the rescue very early on, as they always do and showed me that maths is everywhere and fascinating when it is relevant….

I had made Filo parcels for dinner and took the first load out to the kids at the table and went to retrieve the second lot.  My mummy ego had a nice boost while they discussed how much they loved my filo parcels, then …”these are good enough for a cafe”,  “what would you pay for one?”  How many are you going to have, Ok well that is $8…..these ones are bigger I think they should be $3.50 each, and I will eat three of them so that’s…..

You get the picture!  They honestly sounded like a scripted maths lesson!  I couldn’t believe it, they were doing maths around the dinner table, without a prompt,  and completely in earnest.  Real life, relevant , fun.

It was just the gift I needed to show that children are interested in the world around them and will learn  whether you like it or not!

Especially if they are well fed!  Thanks for the lesson in natural learning guys!!  🙂


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  1. I am SO jealous and had to check out the ages of your kids to see if it made me feel any better. I was relieved to see they are older than mine, but only just! If this happened more often, I would definitely be less of a ‘wannabe unschooler’ and go for it more wholeheartedly. Oh well, at least things are pretty relaxed and happy around here!! I certainly won’t be putting my kids off Maths with my approach 🙂

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