Food is our medicine


I am not a natural nurse.  I have other skills. So I am always a bit rattled when my children need me to nurse them.  I think that they instinctively know this as they are disgustingly healthy.  Saying that I try to be extra kind, compassionate and giving when they are unwell.

A couple of months ago Charlie had a sore on his leg, it went rather septic, looked infected and I adopted my usual ‘ignore it and hope it goes away’ routine until he was in so much pain with three of these spots that I finally asked for help.

Help came from friends and the internet ( I am not in the habit of looking things up)  Of course there is a mountain of knowledge out there.

It was a cold wet weekend, the other kids were busy and so I dedicated myself to looking after Charlie and his boils.  I had a such a wonderful weekend!  I had no other expectations except to help the healing process.  We were both relaxed, happy,  cosy by the fire and enjoyed having such quality time together.

Here is what we did to help the boils heal…

TUMERIC!  this is the number one remedy!  You can ingest it and also put it in poultices.  Charlie would only eat it in Leek and Potato soup and had in mixed with manuka honey and put on the boils (rather sticky and the yellow staining took a while to wash out…!)   I have since been putting tumeric in a lot of our food, which is colourful to say the least!)

Tea Tree Oil –  Straight on to the boils a few drops a few times a day and in a bath with some lavender oil.

Hot bottle – This was a Granny remedy!  You put very hot water in a glass bottle, hold it with a cloth and place the top around the boil, the heat draws out the pus.

Warm compresses

Homeopathy – A lovely friend gave me a quick phone consultation and he took Belladonna and Hepar Sulph Calcareum

Healing foods – I made apple, carrot and lemon juice and put in Echinacea. Lemon and honey drinks, with the same. Plenty of fruit and veges, no dairy, nothing unhealthy at all

Charlie also asked for  some Reiki ( which I do ) and that was lovely.

It was such a great reminder that food is our medicine. Everything we need has been supplied.  I was so grateful for the chance to just stop and focus on getting Charlie well.  And with winter making itself at home it was a good wake up call to strengthen our immune systems and feed our bodies with health giving food.  I feel as though having an infection like this and supporting the body to heal itself and fight it naturally has only made Charlie stronger.

Every time I see the yellow tumeric stains on the kitchen bench it is a reminder for me to be grateful for all the wonderful heath giving plants, herbs and foods we have.   And I am.



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